6 Websites Every Contractor Needs to Care About

Posted in Tips by beamlocal1wpadmin on February 6, 2013

Keeping up with websites can be a daunting task. We’re here to help… This is a list in order of priority of the websites any contractor or construction business needs to care about.

  1. Your Website. If you’re still not convinced having a quality website is important for your business, you’re going to continue to lose business to more web savvy companies in the future.
  2. Homestars.com Homestars is fast becoming a de facto choice for homeowners to find reviews about you and your competitors. It’s important that you respond to all reviews on this site, positive or negative. If you need tips on responding to negative reviews check out out tips page here
  3. HandyCanadian.ca Another review site that is a little more Canadian centric, which means it’s important to you if you do construction work in Canada. Follow the same approach here as you would with Homestars.com above
  4. Google places. Get your business listed here, it’s free. It’s well worth the few minutes it will take to create your listing, and will pay off over time. Do it today, or you’ll forget and this is the best free advertising opportunity for any construction or contractor business. www.google.com/local/add
  5. Kijiji. It’s like a little secret world full of free advertising opportunities. Post an add touting your business and your skills, it’s free to do and can lead to new business that you’d never have before.
  6. Facebook. Yup, ask your kids if you’re not familiar to setup a facebook page for your business. It’s free and easy. Post a couple messages and photos on your page, and respond to any comments. Over time you’ll build a loyal following which could help you close clients who care about their contractors having a positive social media reputation.

The list of websites that contractors need to care about is obviously longer than 6, but we’ve picked the 6 you should focus your efforts on, in order of their importance. Don’t have time to manage all of these sites… do the top 4, or top 3… or just the first one. This is part of your job if you want to grow your business and make more money in the long run.